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Key Benefit of The Horizontal Lifeline System

Horizontal lifelines are systems that are used in the workplace to prevent the occurrence of risks and arrests. For the workplaces that do not have anchor points, horizontal lifelines are ideal for the fall protection. They are mainly found in the places that are raised. You can either get them installed on the overhead of a structure, on the base, or between these two points.

When you have the horizontal lifeline system in your structure; they will significantly help to increase the capacity of the workers. It is vital to note that the capacity of a system depend on the manufactures. Mostly, the system can accommodate two employees for the fall arrest while four in the case of the fall resistant. The horizontal lifeline system is thus more preferred than the anchor points which can hold only a single person.

The horizontal lifeline system is very useful and flexible in preventing falls and keeping employees safe in the company. For many people, the setup of the system may seem hectic because of many moving parts. Although some application of the system may require unique engineering skills, the installation of the system is simple. That is because they are pre-engineered and thus making the work easy. For instance, most of the ropes systems comes while they are fully assembled. The items that are required for the installation of the system tend to be very familiar for most of the people.

The HLL provide a permanent solution to access places that are potentially dangerous to the employees easily. People like the inspector staffs and the maintenance employee will need to access the places where the employee last did the work. The places are likely to pose a lot of threats if they are not accessed with enough care. The HLL provide a permanent solution for the workers to access different places like the roof. some are designed for the system like the HVAC, load deck, elevator, or any other systems that will need constant maintenance or inspections.

There are some OSHA standards on the usage of the horizontal lifeline system. Every employer is expected to observe the regulations. A certified person is needed to make sure that the system is installed correctly and used correctly. The safety factor of the system must be at least two. At least 5000 pounds should be accommodated by the system for every employee who is attached to the system. As part of the personal fall protection that maintains the safety factor of two, the system should be used under the supervision of a qualified person. The ropes should be made of natural fibers. A UV inhibitors should be included in case polypropylene ropes are used.

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