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What To Expect When Visiting A Local Dentist

Dental patients who want to take control of their dental health visit their dentists regularly. Dental professionals perform a variety of services to correct the teeth and treat the gums. The procedures can also improve the aesthetics of the smile.

Annual Cleaning and Examinations

Annual cleanings and examinations help dental patients determine if they have cavities or any underlying damage. The hygienist performs the cleanings twice a year to remove debris from the teeth and make them aesthetically pleasing. The examinations involve a full inspection of all teeth and gums. The dentist also performs x-rays and determine if the teeth require repairs.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

Repairing damaged teeth lowers the risk of tooth loss and gum disease. The dentists remove all decay from the teeth and fills the cavities with a composite resin. Dental bonding is used to correct any severe damage such as larger breaks in the tooth. Some patients may require a root canal surgery to correct the damage and prevent prolonged pain. Dental patients who want to learn more about the procedures can get more information from their preferred dental professionals.

Reconstructing Teeth After Accidents

Reconstructing teeth after accidents may require some surgical intervention to correct soft tissue and portions of the mouth that were affected. A dental surgery performs complex procedures to correct accident damage and reconstruct any portion of the mouth, neck, or face that were injured.

Straightening and Whitening the Teeth

Straightening the teeth requires the dental professional to install braces or provide Invisalign for the patient. Typically, braces are worn up to two years depending on the type of braces provided. To give the patient a white smile, the dentists perform whitening treatments that eliminate most stains.

Dental patients who want to maintain a beautiful smile visit their dental professionals regularly. The professionals offer a wide assortment of procedures to correct the smile and eliminate stains. Tooth replacement opportunities are also available to restore the smile after extractions. Reconstruction services are available after an accident that affected the teeth or mouth and includes dental implants when necessary. Dental patients who want to set up an appointment contact their preferred dentist now.