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The Future Plans Include Death

It is more important to pay attention on yourself than outer environment during the exercise. The most important advice from participants of this sport is obeying your own belief and doing things step by step according to the plan. There is no good for ourselves to train by alone because human beings need to connect with each other. When you do exercises of this sport provided you find positive things you should pass them on to others. It is the focal point of this sport that participants do this sport with a happy mood. It is important for us to pursue our own roads when we do exercise of this sport. During developing happiness and getting knowing of this sport, you can find your own step and speed. This sport points out that when people face the fear of death, the real me will manifest. It is common for us to consider ourselves to be superior to others in the real me state.

Most of people will choose to merge into the people or be anonymous so that they can protect themselves when they are defeated by the fear. But if they did that, their living states would be inauthentic.Courage is sure of the nature and the goal of one person. The brave men must take their supreme ideals and ethical goals into actions. Courage is the self-affirmation in spite of anything which is the factor obstructed us to complete the self-affirmation. It is a common explanation of courage to overcome the fear of mind power.The Definition of the worry is the consciousness of the existing of non-being which means the possible non-being state consciousness. For fears and anxieties which are different but also have some relations, courage can solve them. The participants of this sport will get know of the significance of facing the fear of death. And they will understand the importance of living. When you make plans for future you need to include the death.

Human beings should not only accept lives while refused to accept the death. Various worrying factions about fear are almost determined by fear of the death. The pure worries must be the worries towards non-being. It is the subject of worries to build the items of fear. In this way courage can vanquish the fear and worry.Of course we have to mention some examples to cause the participants' attention. As we have said before there are dangers in this sport and the following will introduce some accidents when people do this sport. One Russian fell down from the high and his head hit the ground and died. This sport enjoys popularity among the Russian, American, British men and so on.There are many films about this sport put on the screen. So we can find it everywhere. As we all known there are lots of games of this theme on the market. These games enable players to experience the life of this sport. These games are divided into various kinds.