Extreme Jumping Stilts In The Snow

Jumping on stilts is just way too much fun to put them away for five months of the year. If you want to use them in the snow , first you have to be a lot more careful on them , second you have to dress really warm and third you have to take care of your jumping stilts a lot better . I will address these issues in this article.
Here in canada we have a long winter with lots of snow and ice for five months of the year this can take away from your jumping stilt time. This winter I decided to get them out and use my jumping stilts on the days that were nice enough . You have to be much more careful in the winter and try and pick places that have been cleaned and sanded so it is not to slippery . Once you get more comfortable in the cold you can try other places like ponds and fields depending on the amount of snow. Make sure you are comfortable with your surroundings and that your are wearing a helmet , knee and elbow pads ,wrist guards and any other safety equiptment you might need for jumping on your stilts . I don?t recommend this for small children however as long as you arent doing tricks its no worse than snow boarding ,skiing or playing hockey, Canadas other winter past times.

Canada has very cold temperatures some days of the year so I recommend wearing a snow suite or a big coat with snow pants a hat , scarf and a good pair of gloves. When you get too hot jumping around, and having fun you can always remove clothing but you can't put it on if you don?t take enough with you. Jumping in the snow can be really fun , this year we had 6-10 foot drifts along the road sides and huge piles of snow in the parking lots where the plows piled the snow.I had a lot of fun running across the parking lots and jumping high into the air and into the drifts and piles of snow. I had never thought of using my jumping stilts in the winter before, but I was really looking forward to the spring and just couldn?t wait that long and once I got out there the possibilties of winter fun were endless.

When you decide to go out in your jumping stilts in the winter I would recommend a little bit of greese on the mayjor joints of your jumping stilts and you can get a can of siliscone spray to take care of most of the rest of them.I am sure you will wear them faster in the winter than using them in the summer but I will tell you extreme guys and girls out there. It was just to much fun. I will be posting pictures and some video later , just remember to be aware of where you are and be careful jumping on your stilts in the winter. MARK KELLY

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